Let the refining and improving of yourself keep you so busy that you have little time to criticise others…

First post of 2014! Blogging after almost a year.

August was a month of transition. I really do not like change. Especially change that totally concerns me but i’m totally not well informed about. Well… it is not the first time so… I knew and have experienced before people letting me down. That is why i always keep my expectations at a minimum. And also why some people/person say my inner circle is too small and difficult to get in. Yet i believed that i had people i could count on. Well… let me just say that this person just dropped me off and left.

I think maybe the last incident happened too long ago. I almost forgot how it felt like. Why is it that the first thought is always self doubt and then the next is pointing fingers? I’m not going to go there, being bitter and bitching about someone else. I’m going to just focus on the person i can work with, ME. Being a better me, a happier me, a more cheerful me, a less talk about people me, a more hand working me, a pray more me, a read the Bible more me, a closer to God me, a more share Jesus me, a more love God and love people me…

That was not a very up and happy first post ><

Now something to be happy about: my MUJI planner
Need to really work on my drawing skills. I want to draw more stuff in but i’m just plain horrible. Need to buy more stickers tooooooo.

AugustWatching... Reading...

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Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday…

Prayer is so many things. It has so many reasons and today i found another reason…

Some people pray because they need something from God.
Some people pray because they care for another.
Some people pray because they want to spend time with God.
Some people pray because there is nothing else they can do but trust in Someone higher.

Prayer and reading His word, these are basics to a believer’s life. It is to know Him more. It is how we grow from one who feeds on milk to one who can eat solid food. It is how we grow deeper and closer to Him.

In all these, we come to be able to represent Him. Today, i wondered if i have represented Him the best i could? Did i plant a seed? A good seed that will grow. Maybe not today but someday… Or did i let the chance pass me by? Since i am not confident, does it mean i haven’t done what i could at an opportunity given to me? Or could i see this as an open door? Maybe their hearts are more open. Then did i shut that door?

I’ve been in church for 6 years. I’ve been through SOT.
Yet, i’m still not confident in sharing my faith. Not in a sense of afraid and not sharing but more towards not being able to share fully, accurately, putting my point across. 有心而无力.

Because we never know when our chance will come. When a person might be ready to hear about Christ. So we need to be prepared. Understand our relationship with Him. What we believe in, Who He is to us, Why He is who He is to us, Why we do what we do, etc… For if we ourselves are unclear, how will we represent Him? How can we show others who He is? How will people understand His love? How do we lead others to Him?

My heart knows. It feels His love and it knows His love. But if i cannot put my feelings into words then who else can understand but me? If i only keep His love to me then aren’t i too selfish?

Need to be better prepared…

If you don’t like where you are, MOVE. You are not a tree…

Came across the quote on my title on Pinterest. Reminded me of an old Kdrama, Autumn in my Heart. The first Korean word i knew was probably 나무(tree) because of this drama. The female lead wanted to be a tree in her next lifetime so that she won’t have to move and leave her family.

Leaving the drama aside,…
In life, there will be instances where you are just not happy with where you are. Quoting a line from a Tdrama, “厌倦是改变的开始”. If you are tired with where you are, it’s time to change. I think i need some change in my life yet i’m just too comfortable where i am to move. Moving also means being somewhere unfamiliar which means uncertainty…

for now, i don’t want to over think. I’m just waiting for my Rune Factory 4 and Pokemon X and Y. Living game lives and being a uni student will keep me busy enough. Maybe just the change i need, living somewhere other than in reality. Why can’t i get my RF4 today!? T_T Want to jump right into that game, NOW! eShop, where is my RF4? D:

Need to really pick up a book soon. Haven’t been reading much this year.
(getting lost in a book is not bad too)

Whatever your past has been you have a spotless future…

Was in the shower just now when blogging came to my mind. So here i am to find back that feeling of telling my story to the whole world yet no one at the same time.

Let me do something simple as i ease my way back into blogging.

My Favourites:
(1)Colour: Yellow
(2)Book series: Harry Potter
(3)Movie: Toy Story(All 3)
(4)Snack: M&M’s Mini
(5)Fruit: Banana
(6)Animal: Rabbit
(7)Shoes: Creepers (My Briks are probably going to take over soon)
(8)Youtuber: Jen Im, clothesencounter
(9)Pen: Pilot BP.S Fine (At this moment)
(10)Anime/Manga: ONE PIECE

I was going to write a longer list but need to leave house really soon. Hope it isn’t another 6 months before my next post :p

How long ago did i last attended leaders’ meeting..?

No one is going to tell your story in your perspective…


I feel bad that i haven’t been blogging. Just took a look and the last post was Oct!? WHAT!? I didn’t know it was that long ago. I thought it was maybe Dec?

So i’m thinking for my very first post of 2013(and also after so long), what should i blog about? I came across this “I’m currently” list(on PINTEREST!) and well i guess it is a good place to start.

Currently I’m…

  • Reading nothing. Maybe not nothing. I have only been reading my lecture notes. I really need to read more books!!! The last book i read was in Jan :(
  • Playing Pokemon White 2! I just got Nintendo 3DS XL in pink this month! Another reason why i haven’t been reading any books. I used to read when i’m travelling but now all that time goes to my 3DS.
  • Watching Pretty Little Liars. I have no idea why i watched it. I don’t normally watch this type of show. I’m more of the Criminal Minds type. I LOVE CRIMINAL MINDS!
  • Eating Kimchi. I’ve been addicted/obsessed  with Kimchi. I bought a container of Kimchi about a month ago and ate it with every meal i had at home. I bought a new container full yesterday. It is a different brand cause i couldn’t find the old one and it doesn’t taste as nice D:
  • Drinking water. I really need to drink more water. I’m a person who can bring a bottle of water out and have a full bottle of water back at the end of the day. With the kind of weather we have in Singapore, I NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER!
  • Loving my CREEPERS! Since i’ve had them, i’ve been wearing them to school EVERYDAY! Thank you Willie and Ben for the wonderful birthday present. PS: the name is in this order because Willie reads my blog more :p
  • Listening to Whom shall I fear by Chris Tomlin. This song is on repeat in my phone. Faith boosting song!
  • Meditating on 2 Cor 3:16-18.

The list is much longer. But i don’t have something for every point so this is my version :)
It feels really good! I think i’m going to do this “currently” list every month. Good way to reflect and see what i’ve been up to at the end of the year. Also a quick and easy way to make sure i blog at least once a month :p

Friendship is the comfort from knowing that even when you feel alone, you aren’t…

It has been a long time since i blogged :p
I should really be more active in updating this blog.

Found out that it was World Card Making Day yesterday. I’m still new to the whole scrapbooking/card making/memory keeping world. So amazed when i visit some of these related blogs and see all the wonderful and amazing stuff people make and come up with.

May not have made anything yesterday but yesterday was a very special day for me too. It was the 21st Birthday of a very very good friend of mine. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY WILLIE!!! :D

I made a birthday mini book/card for him. It was the first time i made something like that and i’m quite happy with how it turned out :)

I guess this would be my card for my first ever World Card Making Day :3

Products used:
 Paper(all 6x6 paper pads) -> Echo Park: Happy Days, Authentique: Lively, 
 lawn fawn: Bright side
 Letter stickers -> Doodlebug design: teensy type(beetle black), 
 Amy Tangerine: Ready Set Go - remarks letter stickers (Baxter Brown/Blue)
 Others -> Cosmo Cricket: Tea for Two and 2wenty-thr3e element deck, 
 K&Company: Blank SMASH pad, Distress Ink(walnut stain), 
 Teresa Collins: Vintage Finds Trims, 
 Basic Grey: Soleil - Die-cut Paper and Canvas Flowers

Let all that you do be done in love <3

Made more cards recently. These are the birthday cards! :D




And one Teachers’ Day card for Jason (made it with Xudong and Shermin :D) I forgot to take a picture of the finished product for Jason’s Card :(

Well just a lot of card making this month :3 I wish i had more resources and more $$$. There are so many cool tools for card making and scrapbooking out there. I really wanna buy EVERYTHING!!! Ok, so maybe i can’t have everything. I guess i have to start somewhere. I’ll slowly collect the stuff i need and want. For now, i’ll just have to work with the limited supplies i have. Anyone wanna sponsor? LOL!

I’m still using the same paper pads i have. All papers that i used to make the birthday cards till now are from Echo Park: Happy Days and Authentique: Lively. These are the only two 6×6 paper pads i have for now and i’m trying to use as much as possible without buying new stuff. I’m a little bored with them since i have been flipping through the same stack of papers to look for inspiration and trying to make the cards unique.

Other products used:
Letter stickers -> Jillibean soup: Alphabeans(kut kraft), Prima: Tea-Thyme, Doodlebug design: teensy type(beetle black)
Stickers -> Doodlebug design: fancy frills(bumblebee), American Crafts: Dear Lizzy Neapolitan-Accent & Phrase Stickers