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Make the best out of what you have…

This is super sweet. Awww… The whistling XD


Realizing more about myself…

Some stuff i made for Christmas:

Yesterday was Christmas ^^ and i spent the whole day at home. I don’t feel that it was lonely or anything of that sort since i’ve been out on Friday and Saturday. It was quite and i get to have alone time which i enjoy very much :3

Service was awesome! =D
A musical + my favorite movie, how can i not like our Christmas drama? :p

I really enjoy musicals and i guess being able to watch our church’s musical makes up for not being able to watch Wicked. If you ask me what my favorite movie is, it would be the Toy Story Series. I love love love love love love love Toy Story <3

Serving day ^^
Was at Attributes till 6pm to serve. Time pass by really fast when you spend it with great people. Over these 3 years(?) serving in Attributes, it somehow became a family to me. I don't get to see them often, only twice a month normally but i do enjoy being with Sat team B. I don't know how long more i'll stay in this ministry, i don't see myself in Attributes. So for now, i'll just have to cherish every moment i get to serve God with these wonderful people.

This Christmas, i received more presents than last year. I guess that also means i know more people and build stronger relationships with the people around me. Every gift i believe is given with lots of heart and love. Christmas this year is really warm in spite of the rain and cold weather because i am showered with so much presents and love.

Thank you to all those who have given their time and heart to prepare presents for me.
Thank you to all those that have spent time with me this Christmas, making it special.
Thank you to all whom i love and who loves me.

2011 is coming to an end, 2012 is a new beginning.
2011 was awesome but 2012 will be even better!

PS: i found out that i don't really like chocolates…


Two birthdays this week. So here i am to share the cards i’ve made.

There are so many supplies i wish to buy online! Maybe when i get better at this digital scrapbooking thingy and when i know it is not a 三分钟热度 thing then i will start buying some :)

Off to tuition now. Seems like i’ll be late(again!) ><


I’m still in the post-我可能不会爱你 stage. Normally, i’ll wait for midnight on Sunday to catch the latest episode of the drama but it’s all over. So i’ve been collecting quotes from the drama and that is also why the title of my recent posts have all been quotes from the drama :) I’ve collected up to episode 8, so 5 more episode to go :)

Said i wanted to share my scrapbooking projects so here it is:

Ting’s farewell card :)

Will post the others at the end of this week after i have given them out. I’ve finished my Christmas Card but not enough finances to print it out to give it out (anyone wish to sponsor? :p). Probably just gonna post it on Facebook.

Need to manage my finances better.


It’s 1.30am right now and i really should be asleep if i want to be on time for tuition tomorrow. But i just found a really nice song and i just wanna share it :)

Just finished watching a movie, 恋爱恐慌症 (Love sick). Went to watch it because it had the same male and female leads of 我可能不会爱你 which aired its last episode yesterday. Can’t get enough of their sweetness and so i went to watch 恋爱恐慌症 :)

I really love the movie. Enjoyed it very very much.

The wedding song was really awesome! Once i watched finish the movie i went hunting for the song. Took me some time but i finally found it. So here’s to share this awesome song. Hope you’ll like this song too.

By: Tim Be Told feat. Laurie Seaman

Verse 1
O what mercy has been granted me
for the filthy rags I’ve worn
clothed in sacrifice to great to speak
and of new life reborn
still my darkness veils all the victories
that you’ve seen me through
the prisons I have counted each
a wall of sin so high I cannot reach
Jesus Christ who died for me
gave his life so that I could be free
he gave his life so that I could be free

Verse 2
They come to you weary broken torn
and lay their sorrows at your feet
parched and hungry for a taste of joy and from suffering find retreat
but our silence veils all the answers
that they seek from you
children cry to see your face
poor men desperate for your arms of grace
Jesus Christ who died for them
by your scars we pray their wounds will mend
by your scars we pray their wounds will mend

Verse 3
Our God of grace
our deliverer
to you be glory and fame
all our treasures we have counted loss
for to surrender is to gain
but your hope unveils all the answers
and reveals the Truth
by the cross you made a way
you will bring us to your home one day
Jesus Christ for us you died
gave the world Your love though we denied


Holidays! December! :D
My favorite month of the year! ^^

This is the second week of my holiday and i would say that i have been enjoying myself. In the first week, i finished 2 Korean drama, 2 days one series. I am so proud of myself:) The first one was The Princess Man which was a historical drama. The second one was My girlfriend is a Gumiho. Two awesome dramas! Love them. I was asking myself which one i enjoyed more but i can’t decide. I’ll recommend The Princess Man though.

Other than watching drama, i’ve been out most days to accompany people to study. Promises… must keep them. December also means restarting tuition. Which means $$$. Had no income in November and it is really difficult finically. Apparently, time and money, i can only choose one. In November, i stopped tuition to catch up on studies and revise for exams. Got time, no money.

Having time means i got to waste a little time too. In the mist of wasting time stumbling, i found my all new hobby, Digital Scrapbooking! Finished some projects and will post them soon :) Was thinking about making my own Christmas cards. Shall see how it goes ba :)

Need to end here, time to leave house for tuition :) Meeting new tuitee today :)