Monthly Archives: August 2012

It is going to get harder before it gets easier but it will definitely get better…

Someone reminded me that i haven’t been posting for some time. So here i am :D

I have been taking lots of pictures with my S3. Once i changed phone, i’ve been more active in capturing my life(and myself :p). I love my S3!!!

There is nothing that i particularly want to blog about right now. Just wanna share the cards i made this month:

Paper -> Echo Park: Happy Days, Authentique: Lively
Letter stickers -> Jillibean soup: Alphabeans(kut kraft), Prima: Tea-Thyme


Because of You…

One more week of holiday and school is gonna start again. I think i’ve been using my time quite well. There is always more that i can do but knowing how i am, i have improved very very much. If it was the me before, i would probably be at home/cousin’s house almost everyday.

I just cleared and packed my table on Wednesday. For last 7 months, i probably never used my laptop on my study table before. Very glad that i am finally able to put my table to good use now :P Hope that this table will stay like this for most part of the next school year. I should really have space to study on this study table. It looks great now and i do feel a sense of accomplishment for clearing it up and being able to type and write on it.

Recently, i finally(after thinking/debating/and stuff) started buying stuff for scrapbooking! :D I enjoyed the digital part but i’m a person who always prefer physical/hands-on stuff. I once tried doing all my schedules and stuff on my phone organiser but i never worked out. In the end i still had to get a physical organiser. So i’m slowly collecting my scrapbooking supplies. Probably gonna start with card making and smash book thingy.

For now i really need a paper trimmer and some stamps but i guess i can only buy them next month after i get my pay. Need to limit the amount i spend on this hobby. Buying things is so addictive.

Lastly, a song to share:

I really love this song. Heard it on the radio recently and somehow the lyrics just reminds me of God. 范玮琪 is one of my favourite singers. What a beautiful voice! The song is titled 因为(Because).

總在我家巷口和你分手 彷佛偶像劇一樣 覺得我們就要發生些什麼
總在回家時候不知所措 想再打電話給你 可是再見剛剛才說過

想靜靜看著你的笑容 讓你藏在懷中 直到我每天的盡頭

因為想一個人而寂寞 因為愛一個人而溫柔
因為有一個夢而執著 因為等一個人而折磨
因為想一個人而解脫 因為愛一個人而寬容
因為有一個夢而放縱 因為等一個人而漂泊

因為想一個人而寂寞 因為愛一個人而溫柔
像夜的矇矓 你的深情難懂 我的世界因為你而不同
因為想一個人而解脫 因為愛一個人而寬容
像風的自由 你的深情難留 你的背影 是我最美麗的所有

PS: I do believe that love can change a person. I am changed because of His love <3