Monthly Archives: September 2013

Whatever your past has been you have a spotless future…

Was in the shower just now when blogging came to my mind. So here i am to find back that feeling of telling my story to the whole world yet no one at the same time.

Let me do something simple as i ease my way back into blogging.

My Favourites:
(1)Colour: Yellow
(2)Book series: Harry Potter
(3)Movie: Toy Story(All 3)
(4)Snack: M&M’s Mini
(5)Fruit: Banana
(6)Animal: Rabbit
(7)Shoes: Creepers (My Briks are probably going to take over soon)
(8)Youtuber: Jen Im, clothesencounter
(9)Pen: Pilot BP.S Fine (At this moment)
(10)Anime/Manga: ONE PIECE

I was going to write a longer list but need to leave house really soon. Hope it isn’t another 6 months before my next post :p

How long ago did i last attended leaders’ meeting..?