If you don’t like where you are, MOVE. You are not a tree…

Came across the quote on my title on Pinterest. Reminded me of an old Kdrama, Autumn in my Heart. The first Korean word i knew was probably 나무(tree) because of this drama. The female lead wanted to be a tree in her next lifetime so that she won’t have to move and leave her family.

Leaving the drama aside,…
In life, there will be instances where you are just not happy with where you are. Quoting a line from a Tdrama, “厌倦是改变的开始”. If you are tired with where you are, it’s time to change. I think i need some change in my life yet i’m just too comfortable where i am to move. Moving also means being somewhere unfamiliar which means uncertainty…

for now, i don’t want to over think. I’m just waiting for my Rune Factory 4 and Pokemon X and Y. Living game lives and being a uni student will keep me busy enough. Maybe just the change i need, living somewhere other than in reality. Why can’t i get my RF4 today!? T_T Want to jump right into that game, NOW! eShop, where is my RF4? D:

Need to really pick up a book soon. Haven’t been reading much this year.
(getting lost in a book is not bad too)


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