Let the refining and improving of yourself keep you so busy that you have little time to criticise others…

First post of 2014! Blogging after almost a year.

August was a month of transition. I really do not like change. Especially change that totally concerns me but i’m totally not well informed about. Well… it is not the first time so… I knew and have experienced before people letting me down. That is why i always keep my expectations at a minimum. And also why some people/person say my inner circle is too small and difficult to get in. Yet i believed that i had people i could count on. Well… let me just say that this person just dropped me off and left.

I think maybe the last incident happened too long ago. I almost forgot how it felt like. Why is it that the first thought is always self doubt and then the next is pointing fingers? I’m not going to go there, being bitter and bitching about someone else. I’m going to just focus on the person i can work with, ME. Being a better me, a happier me, a more cheerful me, a less talk about people me, a more hand working me, a pray more me, a read the Bible more me, a closer to God me, a more share Jesus me, a more love God and love people me…

That was not a very up and happy first post ><

Now something to be happy about: my MUJI planner
Need to really work on my drawing skills. I want to draw more stuff in but i’m just plain horrible. Need to buy more stickers tooooooo.

AugustWatching... Reading...

Aug Week 1Aug Week 2

Aug Week 3Aug Week 4


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